February 28, 2006

But They Did Not Pay for Prostitutes

Abbott Laboratories has been disciplined by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Authority, an organization whose name alone tells you it couldn't exist in the U.S., for "admitting that its staff entertained doctors to greyhound racing, lapdancing and Centre Court tickets at Wimbledon." It is a difficult and complex claim, involving honest people making honest mistakes:
Two Abbott employees had taken a senior doctor to a lapdancing club, where one of them, a senior manager, borrowed £1,000 for the evening out from the other, a rep. The lapdancing visit took place in January 2004 after a workshop. After dinner, one of Abbott's managers and a rep who had been manning a stand took a hospital doctor out for the evening. The complainant "stated that the manager borrowed £1,000 from the local representative towards the evening, telling him he would be fully reimbursed. However this never materialised and he was still waiting for his money," the ABPI account of the investigation said.
thanks Art Caplan

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