March 31, 2006

Yeah or Nay?

From the AP:
A Texas company that offers horse owners exact duplicates of their animals says it has succeeded in cloning two top-earning horses. The company, ViaGen, says two mares have delivered clones of top cutting-horses, which are trained to help separate individual animals from cattle herds. The foals were born at a ranch near Purcell, Oklahoma. They're said to be doing well. The owner of one of the horses that were cloned says the foal is the image of its mother. A laboratory confirms that one of the clones and its offspring share the same genetics. Scientists are working to make the same determination with the second clone. The first cloned horse was born in 2003 in Italy. In 2005, Texas A-and-M University created the first cloned horse in the United States.
-Art Caplan

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