April 30, 2006

The Starbucks of Suicide

"We never say no," writes Wesley Smith, arguing that the Swiss organization Dignitas - which is planning to create a network of organizations to provide assisted suicide - is the template for the right to die movement. The problem is that Dignitas is a nutcase outfit; Smith quotes its founder from an interview in the Times London:
Minelli believes that all suicidal people should be given information about the best way to kill themselves, and, according to the Times story, "if they choose to die, they should be helped to do it properly." Dignitas admits to having assisted the suicides of many people who were not terminally ill. As Minelli succinctly put it, "We never say no."
Does that sound like Timothy Quill to you? No? Me either. But this is the nature of the argument against the right of the terminally ill to end their lives: the fallacy of the domino theory.

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