May 17, 2006

Warmed Over Excuses for a Slow Down in Blogdom

The blogs have slowed a bit over the past month. There's a reason. And it isn't that Glenn got a life, or that David, Paul, Sean, Art or the guest submissions haven't had anything to rant about. In fact we have (collectively) at least 1,900 messages to review about how hellish medicine has become, plenty to whine about, and everyone knows that the apocalypse is coming in terms of wacko reproductive cases (the oldest mom ever has given birth and she is a child psychologist - I love that - why not, right? perhaps the first person to clone will be a paleontologist?) No the problem is something else. My laptop melted. Three times. Why? Because I am an early adopter. I elected to upgrade to the white hot new MacBook Pro, the Apple that runs on Intel (curses!) and can run Windows XP as well as Mac OSX. It is great. Except that it basically melted. And the replacement too. And the third, while it worked fine until I installed data analysis software in XP, ate the mac software, requiring me to ship my computer to an incredibly nice guy at Alsoft in Houston, where they are working tirelessly to try to keep up with Apple so that there can be a single program to repair disk damage to these awesome machines.

Anyway I have to edit all the stuff that passes through so that means a big slowdown in bloggerland. Thanks for coming by anyway and I cannot explain why our traffic is so high now but thanks for telling friends to waste time too.

He fixed my computer for free and fedexed it back to me, because he knows that without blog entries on bioethics you'd have to read something else, whatever that is. And heaven forbid. Not during finals weeks, when you are writing or grading those awful papers. No, it must be fixed. So he did. And so we're back, or at least as much as we can be during the June and July grant cycles.

So props to Alsoft, to Marc Moorash there, and to Apple for creating a computer that, once it is fixed, is the fastest laptop in the world, whether running XP or Mac, even if it in fact has a black box warning about burning off your skin.

If all this talk about props, Macs, warriors, and Houston has you grumpy, please don't write silly comments about how you hate Macs (because we'd hate to respond and give your PC a virus. No, we beg you, just bear with us. We promise to attempt at least for a few minutes to follow the maxim of the last episode of The West Wing: do not antagonize the customer.

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