June 27, 2006

Prolife Blogs Predicts "Bioethics Rumble in Albany"

ProLifeBlogs, read by who knows how many billion out there who want to make sure that all the children in foster homes get adopted into their families who hate freedom of choice, proclaims that Wesley Smith will be much deserving of a vacation after "he joins a bioethics conference in Albany along with Nigel Cameron who has written a bioethics column for Christianity Today. Wesley has predicted some 'respectful fireworks', which will be good because right-to-die-friendly bioethicist Art Caplan will be there. Art recently eulogized Dr Ron Cranford in the most glowing of terms."

Well we can't have that. Cranford certainly shouldn't have been mourned by those who agree with him. Those darn liberals, with their respect for the dead. Don't they get it that there are 8 cell embryos crying out from freezers everywhere!

[rumble. rumble. rumble rumble.]

There are about 30 second left to register for this conference - in fact we may be 150% at this point - but if enough request it we will try to accommodate a second Crowne Plaza room for the Pellegrino lecture. After that, it really comes down to fire code and room availability.

The Crowne Plaza is sold out. The next best thing is the Morgan State House, but when it fills try the 3 month old Hampton Suites downtown, home of Yono's, one of the better downtown Albany restaurants to open in the past 6 months, though my favorites in that category would be Blue 82 and Noche, both sort of tapas/bar places. For more information on the conference though contact Albany Med at 518.262.5828.

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