July 15, 2006

Bioethics and Politics Conference Roundup

Some comments about the bioethics and politics conference in Albany that have appeared so far:
A post from James Hughes
One from Wesley Smith
Life Ethics posted this and more
Life Studies posted this recount of the blogger's experience speaking
Chris Mooney sought advice and got it on how to debate Richard Doerflinger, and this is his report on his "cage death match" with Richard
Alison McCook at The Scientist wrote about Alt's paper on stem cell research in Maryland
Most comprehensive, the Women's Bioethics Project has commentary from Kathryn Hinsch here
And there is a really cool page of podcast interviews and lectures already up from Linda Glenn

Only two stories focused on the bizzare, short-lived (no pun intended) protest by Not Dead Yet, in The Scientist, and the Albany Times Union

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