August 31, 2006

Jewish Bioethics in New York 9/10-9/11

ACJB is advertising its upcoming conference:
The Academic Coalition for Jewish Bioethics encourages you to attend its Third Annual Conference "Creation, Procreation, and the New Genetics" to be held in New York City September 10-11, 2006.

The conference will explore Jewish ethical questions in genetics, embryology, stem cell research, cloning, genetic screening, and the use of genetic data. The conference will include invited speakers and peer-reviewed papers, a session on ethics in film, and case-based breakout groups. The Sunday conference sessions will be geared to the general professional in medicine, religion, ethics, law, clinical care, chaplaincy, and other related fields. The Sunday evening and monday morning session will focus on questions of method and theories and decision-making from a Jewish perspective.

Speakers include Harry Oster, Saul Berman, Laurie Zoloth, Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Rayna Rapp, Robert Pollack, Adrienne Asch, Lester Friedman, Alan Astrow, Avram Reisner, David Teutsch, mark Wshofsky, and Paul Root Wolpe.

The Academic Coalition for Jewish Bioethics was founded to bring a pluralistic perspective to Jewish discourse on bioethics. The Coalition will lead periodic conferences and sponsor important publications about key issues in the field.

Please consider attending this important conference. Brochures and registration can be found at the AJOB-based site for the Coalition

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