September 29, 2006

The American Journal of Bioethics
September/October 2006

Our new issue is out, featuring a number of interesting pieces, including, In Focus, Jessica Berg and Nicholas King on bioethics and disaster planning, Ricki Lewis on the Advanced Cell debacle, and Jonathan Moreno and Sam Berger on taking stem cells seriously. Jonathan Kahn takes on the issue of BiDil marketing - the "black drug" that didn't quite make it, Haavi Morreim, Baruch Brody, David Cassarett, Stan Goodman, Harvey Gordon, Robert Krouse, John Lantos, Barry Morenz, Ken Rosenfeld, Jim Sabin and George Webb, the ethics group for Abiocor Artificial Heart, report on the entire experience, in what is certain to be a timeless article on the experiences and debates the group both provoked and dealt with. And Charlotte McDaniel and colleagues study ethical environments in terms of healthcare work and patient outcomes.

This issue's target articles focus on two areas. First, bioethics and health disparities, a new area of emphasis for the journal, in the form in this issue of Mary Ellen Wojtasslewicz's article "Damage Compounded: Disparities, Distrust and Disparate Impact in End of Life Conflict Resolution Policies." Commenting on the piece are Mark Kuczewski, Robert Truog, Martin Smith, Mary Ann Bailey, Greg Loeben and others.

Also as a target, Christian Simon, Michelle Eder, Eric Kodish and Laura Siminoff author "Altruistic Discourse in the Infomed Consent Process for Childhood Cancer Trials." Commentators include Liva Jacoby, Katherine Wasson, Micah Hester and Chris Hackler among others.

Reviewed this month: a double review of the two Terri Schiavo exploitathons, Mary and Robert Schindler, Suzanne Schindler Vitadamo, and Bobby Schindler's A Life That Matters: The Legacy of Terri Schiavo‚ÄďA Lesson For Us All; and Michael Schiavo and Michael Hirsh's Terri: The Truth. Kathy Cerminara authors that review. Also reviewed, Behind the Scenes: Chinese Voices on Abortion and Readings in the Philosophy of Technology

And among the correspondence this month a defense of the PolyHeme clinical trial, recently concluded and brought into the national spotlight by AJOB and the Wall Street Journal; Anne Hamilton Dougherty authors that letter.


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