September 12, 2006

The Dream Team. Not.


WiCell, a subsidiary of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) is famous for attempting to claim incredibly broad patents in the area of stem cell research (I half-expect them to start billing all pregnant women for creating new embryonic stem cells). Advanced Cell Technology is earning a growing reputation for hyping and misleading the public whenever they need an infusion of cash. What could be better than for these two institutions to get together and create an agreement to jointly distribute new cell lines?

As soon as Bush recognizes that the new ACT method solves all of the ethical and political objections raised by stem cell opponents and allows funding of the new ACT procedure, then WiCell would distribute them.

By the way, there is no confirmation to the rumor that ACT is attempting to develop a method of abortion that foes of abortion will find morally acceptable.
- David Magnus

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