December 05, 2006

Endowed Chair in Ethics at AMBI Institution St. Rose

Among the institutions with whom we have had the most fun in AMBI is The College of St. Rose, literally one minute away from the Alden March Bioethics Institute's main offices, and home to our only theologian partners to date. The College has created an amazing new position that could really be a neat opportunity, not only to join the three new bioethics faculty in Albany this year and three more coming next year - including a new director for new graduate programs, but also to serve in a major endowed chair, The George and Jane Pfaff Endowed Chair in Ethics and Moral Values, and in so doing to help bring a broader perspective to the work at AMBI and in ethics in the New York capital. This is the third endowed chair in ethics created in the NY Capital district in five years, which I suppose just goes to show how much people care about ethics when they are so close to state politicians.

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