January 05, 2007

Got Sperm?

From the Austin, Texas Craigslist:
Do you have sperm?
Reply to: pers-257738127@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-01-04, 6:43PM CST

Attention Austin gentlemen! My name is “Katherine” and I am a 38 year old single woman. I have been on a 15 year search of a husband to no avail. I was eager to marry so I could start a family; however, have recently set the search of marriage aside for a greater one, the one of becoming a mother.

Where you fit in: Two words: Baby lust. I desperately want to have a biological child. Therefore, I am in search of a sperm donor...the old fashioned way! I am willing to pay you $2000 for the first time encounter, and $500 for each additional encounter, in the event the previous one(s) did not take. This encounter would be dependent on my monthly ovulation cycle.

Qualifications: I am looking for a man (married, unmarried, I don't care!) who is healthy and attractive between the age ranges of 18 and 45. I do ask for results of a recent AIDS test; preferably in the last 3 months. I am open to a heterosexual or homosexual man. Given that I am determined to become pregnant through intercourse, we will have to have sex. If you are a homosexual man, I am open to options for your arousal such as pornographic material or sex toys in order to reach the needed erect state. I also remain open to other such as bringing your partner and allowing you to do what you do, and when you are ready to ejaculate is when I’ll step in. Physically I consider myself a head turner. I am a petite size 4. I have black hair and blue/green eyes plus a nice smile. A lack of husband does not mean lack of suitors; but I am not in the business of being deceitful on my quest for a child.

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