May 31, 2007

California's Supreme Court Clears Way for CIRM

The California Supreme Court cleared the way for the state's stem cell research agency to distribute billions of dollars in grants Wednesday when it turned back a last-ditch legal challenge by abortion foes and other critics.

The state's high court declined to review a lower court ruling that upheld the constitutionality of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine. The litigation had prevented the agency from doling out $3 billion in research grants.

"Today's action by the California Supreme Court is a victory for our state because potentially life-saving science can continue without a shadow of legal doubt," said Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The stem cell dollars are now flowing. They've already awarded over $100 million from the governor's loan, and the rest will soon be available. Of course, that means tons of work needing to be done - stat - to meet the regulations!
-David Magnus

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