March 31, 2006

Remembering Schiavo

It is beyond me why anyone in bioethics wants to think about Schiavo right now. The heat so vastly outstrips the light on the matter, with Michael Schiavo on a rested and ready book tour and the even more histrionic Schindlers et al pushing their way into TV studios everywhere. Perhaps this is that moment when bioethics is supposed to capitalize on the public's interest in order to do good work. Maybe that is a good idea. Perhaps we're nuts for not running a "Schiavo" issue of AJOB. Maybe we should stream some Schiavo video. I will confess to speaking at a Schiavo session at NYU Law School. But it was annoying, because so little has changed in the wake of Schiavo except for the principal parties involved.

Anyway our friend Jon Moreno is doing what promises to be a good event on the matter.

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