May 11, 2006

American Catholic

mIt never ceases to amaze how few American Catholics, in polls, agree with the Catholic church's views on birth control and in vitro fertilization. You'd thing that it would be obvious that if you take all the Catholic oaths etc. and rush off to teach, qua Catholic, at a Catholic school in Milwaukee of all places, you might expect that there would be some concern if you deliberately engaged in what, for the Catholic Church, is a kind of systematic Russian roulette with babies. But no. Kelly Romenesko, who is alleging discrimination by Appleton Catholic Educational System, Inc./Xavier.

Her claim is pretty implausible - that "school officials knew for a month before the firing that she had undergone the procedure, terminating her only after she became pregnant." Yes,that would certainly be discriminatory. But you can't help but wonder why it matters, given that it is well within the Catholic church's authority to enforce rules of the church among its staff in its schools. If you don't agree with the church on the ethics of procreation, perhaps you don't really want to teach in a doctrinal school?

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