May 01, 2006

Face Transplant Recipient Speaks

Independent reports that Isabelle Dinoire, whose entire face, basically, was replaced with a donor face in November 2005, is talking about how she feels, or rather has indicated that she has total feeling in her face:
Asked if she had accepted her new face, she replied, "It's too difficult to explain." ... She says she still only leaves her apartment if accompanied and has not replaced the mirrors she removed from her home after the accident.

Ms Dinoire still receives an anti-rejection treatment every week and takes 10 pills every day. Several times a day she must also examine a small patch of skin from the donor on her stomach, that would alert her if the tissue was being rejected.

Speaking of rejection, no word from anyone on whether or not she has ceased smoking, which put her at obvious additional risk for rejection.

Washington Post's version of the same AP story reports that Dinoire " tells herself that she simply has aged" when she looks at old photos.

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