July 20, 2006

"Attempt to Clone a Child"
Gareth Stop. Stop Now. Please No More Clone Hype.

Gareth Cook is so smart. But, seriously, this Zavos guy is a fraud. F R A U D. It's called "background research." There will BE no cloned child in Kentucky.

[Update. As usual we've been called on our not funny enough joking manner; to be clear we really do think Gareth is smart. The complaint is that Zavos is utterly disreputable and that this was not a difficult thing to prove with background research, and it is growing annoying to have to deal with these stories every time someone bites one of Zavos' lures. Gareth points out that we didn't link to the full story in the Boston Globe, which we have now, and asks "how [we] are so sure that Zavos is not in fact making these attempts? (Presumably it would be in Cyprus, not Kentucky, as you say.)" To which the answer is, because Zavos has neither the skill nor resources nor training, nor intelligence to do so. How's that. Clear enough? He may have been smart enough to call before the NAS with the Raelians, but the bar was pretty low that day.]

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