July 26, 2006

The Sleaziest Scientist Ever Stole Money from His Research and "Tried to Clone a Mammoth"

CNN.com keeps us up to speed as much as I can stomach, anyway, having watched as the scandal that we helped unfold has turned into precisely what we said it would not turn out to be: the incredible fraud of one person. Hwang turned donations and grants into cash. He tried to do all sorts of things that weren't in the applications he'd made, including a number of things that were clearly just plays for publicity, like the attempt to clone a tiger or Mammoth. The latter, clearly dangerous as well as stupid, just fits right in to what is becoming increasingly clear is the psychopathy of Hwang.

Hwang though, who again blames all his woes on his junior colleagues, insists he has done nothing wrong with regard to deceiving donors, "I am also a victim who was deceived. I am the biggest victim," he said.

His lawyers say he will open a new lab. He has been banned from doing the research, but hey, Dr. Zavos may be hiring in Kentucky.
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