July 09, 2006

We Interrupt[ed] this Blog for OBX

Where has the blogging gone? We figured it would be ok to slow down just a smidgeny bit for vacation, so McGees and Caplans vacated on one coast and Magnuses on the other one and that left Wolpe and Philpott in charge of holding down forts in respective cities, and that left, well, nobody to blog. We know lots of you subscribe to news categories from bioethics.net, or just read it, because we see the tags pop up everywhere, but dopey us for taking a vacation both from blogging and from work at the same time. As one reader noted, "finally we have time to read the blog and you stop blogging!"

This next week won't be a huge one because all of us have to converge on Albany for the Bioethics & Politics conference, which is beyond capacity - at this point even media have to come bearing gifts if they want entry - but we're back. And having had a little bit too much sun in the Outer Banks, the Caplans and McGees are back at fighting weight and Magnus is no doubt at full steam too.

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