January 31, 2007

A Better Way to Use an iPod. Trust Us.

Well if you are wondering why nobody is blogging lately it is because no one at AMBI has slept in 5 days, while we've prepared for the launch of our new, online masters in bioethics.

Working with Apple, we've designed a program that not only has great teachers who are also mentors - and who have office hours, lots of interaction, and live sessions during their classes, but also thousands of hours of supplementary video on all areas of bioethics, all brought down automatically to your iPod (included with the program - how cool is that - click here to take a look), including lectures and case discussion by professor but also hundreds of the key television and even movie segments on bioethics that have been used in classes forever but not collected into one place.

On top of that, the iPod allows reverse feedback; you can read the information, for example, about a clinical ethics case on the iPod, from the description down to the actual chart (sans identifiers of course), then provide feedback using microphones that is then shared in a room where everyone gets a sense from their instructor as to how it's going.

And of course the iPod isn't the meat of the thing - the courses are taught by great faculty using key reading materials and the same teaching models that have worked in the old AMBI online masters program for more than five years. It's just, well, better. Every course in the Masters (not the clinical ethics certificate) is team taught. There is 24/7 support online including live chat on the web, and alums continue to receive updates of the video and audio materials in the program. The baby is born. For more information contact Summer Johnson at 518-262-6082, or click on LiveChat at this page to talk to a faculty member or the administrative director.

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