January 13, 2007

FYI: feed downtime over the next few weekends

Hello folks,
For the next couple of weekends, the Editor's Blog Atom feed will be turned off every Friday night, and back on early Monday morning (starting this evening, after this post propagates). This is to save you technical headaches as I add labels to old blog posts; unfortunately, each time the feed is turned back on you will likely see approximately 25 posts resent back out, for which I apologize. Also unfortunately, that's something that is out of my hands (and in those of the people who wrote Blogger 2.0).

While the Editors will still have the ability to create new posts while the feed is turned off, they will not be sent out into the blog-verse, so check out the site directly during the feed downtime!

There are over 1400 blog posts, so this editing will take a few weekends. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience; if you'd like to talk to me about this directly, please feel free to email me at ajoblog.elf at gmail dot com.

-Your friendly neighborhood web elf

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