February 23, 2010

The Dusty Old Bioethics Blog

At last we've found a few minutes to take apart the bits of the bioethics blog's archives and store them in an accessible place.  That is what this is: an archive.  The blog posts that are not signed in this archive were authored by yours truly, Glenn McGee, as Editor-in-Chief.  Everyone else had to identify that they weren't the editor.  Back then it made sense.  To a contemporary reader, it will probably appear that the "unsigned entries" are sort of like the editorial content of the neocon bioethics "journal" New Atlantis: too acerbic for anyone to claim authorship.  But really this was just our blog convention: the editor didn't sign posts, and it was explained in the "about this blog" page. 

The real blog.bioethics.net is very much alive and well at, well, that address: http://blog.bioethics.net, and the Editors of The American Journal of Bioethics are now multiplying, as that journal has spawned AJOB Neuroscience (The American Journal of Bioethics Neuroscience) and AJOB Primary Research (The American Journal of Bioethics Primary Research).   The current form of the blog is authored by Executive Editor of The American Journal of Bioethics, Dr. Summer Johnson, who is also Director of Graduate Studies at the Center for Practical Bioethics.

If you've found this site, enjoy some of the early years of our experiment in a blog by the editors of a biomedical journal...the "finding a voice" years.  From the tracing of the Korean stem cell scandal to celebrations of some of the heroes in bioethics (professionals and non-professionals alike), there is a lot here.   But keep in mind that this is the dusty old bioethics blog archive.  The daily updated blog is here.  Thanks,
Glenn McGee, PhD
Editor-in-Chief, The American Journal of Bioethics, and
John B. Francis Endowed Chair in Bioethics, Center for Practical Bioethics  

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