April 04, 2006

Karama Neil Talks to Schering-Plough About the Study that Bans Blacks

In her Open Letters blog, which I hadn't seen before but which is a very cool idea, Karama talks to representatives of Schering-Plough about their trial and concludes:
My current research focuses on ethical and scientifically-responsible uses of race in biomedical research. The information I have suggests that this is not an ethical or scientifically-responsible use of race. As I noted in the original letter, defining 'race' is a complex issue that cannot be accomplished using only biological or scientific means. That makes the concept of 'race' particularly difficult to use in biomedical research, especially since it is a very real social concept that correlates strongly with certain health indicators. It is my position that this study, like many others, misuses the concept of 'race'.

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