July 28, 2006

Want to Wean Pro-Assisted Suicide Advocates from their Views?
Dope Them with Coffee

Tim Murphy sent us this juicy bit from the Chronicle of Higher Education:
The Chronicle of Higher Education reports the results of a study in the current issue of European Journal of Social Psychology. Researchers identified 72 female students who said they favored voluntary euthanasia. Researchers then gave orange juice to these subjects, but half of them got juice spiked with caffeine. The students then read a series of arguments against voluntary euthanasia. An after study showed that the subjects receiving the caffeinated juice remembered more of the arguments AND were more likely to shift towards anti-voluntary euthanasia views. Similar results obtained in a study of 76 males.
["Coffee for Persuasion, "The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 7, 2006, A17; thanks Timothy Murphy UIC]

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