October 01, 2006

Two New Positions in Bioethics in Albany

UAlbany philosophy and AMBI hope to find two assistant professors to be appointed in the philosophy department and AMBI beginning in fall 2007, after hiring another in 2006. Three bioethics faculty added to a philosophy department in two years has to be a record. Of what kind I don't know. But a record. Clearly this city has too much bioethics. But apply anyway; Albany, at least according to Nature's article last week is a pretty cool place to do so.

The group of roughly 20 faculty who make up the Alden March Bioethics Institute, now just about a year old, include four who have joined our faculty in the past six months: Elisa Gordon PhD, MPH, Kristen Hessler, PhD, Summer Johnson ABD, and Sean Philpott PhD.

The new faculty, arriving in 2007, would be appointed to a philosophy department ranked 18th among U.S. doctoral programs in applied ethics by Brian Leiter's Philosophical Gourmet Report. These are ideal jobs for junior philosophers who want to spend time in a great philosophy department and in a rapidly growing, exciting bioethics program active in clinical ethics, research and publication, dissemination of scholarship (journals, book series) and teaching of undergraduates, medical students, and graduate programs (masters, PhD/MSBioethics [click here for more on the PhD program], MD/MSBioethics, JD/MSBioethics, MPH/MSBioethics, MSW/MSBioethics).

For more information see the philosophy department website, the Institute website, the advertisement for the position in detail, and contact the co-director of the dual-degree doctoral program Bonnie Steinbock at 518-442-4250.

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